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About Me.

A professional photographer for Portsmouth that makes this an experience not a record of what you look like.

-established in 2007
-fully insured
-professionally trained
-award winning
-purpose built studio

I’m Ania (pronounced Anya) Krzymowska,  a mum to a beautiful little boy who melts my heart everyday, in-between those moments when he has me wanting to pull my hair out.

Through my photography I have a passion for simple, authentic  storyteller, that will melt your heart each and very time you look at your images.

To me photography is more than what you look like, its recording a time in our lives and how we’re feeling right then.

From your wedding day with all the excitement and joy, to the day your first baby is born with your new journey ahead of you.

I want to be there to watch your family grow through the years and ensure you have a beautiful collection of images that will always melt your heart.

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My boy and I existing in pictures for him, even know I dislike having my pictures taken, just like most of my clients
- I know It's important to do for HIM.  

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“ Ania is a truly innovative and inspirational photographer "

Ania is a fantastic photographer! - We will treasure our photographs forever.
Really pleased with the professionalism and efficiency of service pictures were fantastic and very person centre. Good advise and guidance given throughout the shoot so I would definitely recommend Ania to anyone interested.

Asia, Maciek, Victor

Behind the scenes

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Digital Painterly Course

Digital Painterly method with Corel Painter software - Few years back I came up with my own way of editing photographs. It took me a very long time to develop it. The idea is to give photographs a painterly look - not with a touch of a button but with applying carefully each stroke intentionally. You can go really creative with the process and the best thing is that you don't have to be Davinci - as Corel painter works with the original reference. Course is available on Skillshare, (more details in video below).

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Backdrops design

I absolutely love painting backdrops. I have a collection of over hundred designs, most digitally, some painted with traditional watercolours, pastels, pencils. I do work with great companies which print my designs, you can purchase backdrops directly from them. Graceland Designs (worldwide), Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops (USA) and Baby Prop Shop (UK). I also sell my designs in digital version on ETSY. It is easy to add beautiful texture to photograph.  

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