• Ania Krzymowska

Family Prep Guide – Lifestyle Sessions

1. What should we wear?

Clothing choices are totally based upon your family style. If you love simple- go for simple. Want fun? Wear some fun colour. What I do not recommend is changing outfits too many times, if any. Try to stay from totally matching or very dark colours. You can coordinate but matching is not a real life. Make sure you wear something you can move in well. Combination neutral for parents and colour for kids is my favorite balance. Loose socks, bare foot is best!

2. Home

The areas I look for: kitchen, master bedroom, sitting room, kids room and maybe garden. All depends on the quality of light. I photograph in natural light, the artificial light is turned off. When I arrive to your home I will have quick look around where the best lighting can be found and will make decision then. Make sure place is tidy, clutter free. Not all clutter is bad- we want REAL clutter like toys, blankets on sofas, shoes by the door etc. Put things away-shopping bags, stacks of magazines, clutter side bed table. Only have out what you want in your photographs.

Make sure you have out anything your children love. Do they have snuggly toy they can't live

without? Make sure it's handy! Fresh flowers always brighten up the room.

3. What can You expect when I arrive?

When I first get to your home, I will take a look around to check out all the rooms we plan on

shooting in as well as if we need to scoot any furniture around. During the session don't worry

about looking in the camera. I will always instruct you when you need to look at me. There will be few activities for your family to interact – depending what is in questionnaire. Expect to be silly and I will direct or guide most of what you all do. Don't worry about having to plan the day, this is my job.

4. What if Family does not cooperate?

Kids will be kids, as a mum of a boy I know that children can be from laughter to grumpy in

5 seconds. That's why we try to keep it fun, getting activities in- it doesn't feel like photo session.

I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to engage your children so don't worry. Kids really do pick on

parents anxiety. Letting go will lead to best types of sessions. I'm there to grab all of the real!

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