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Fur Baby Monty a puppy newborn session by Portsmouth photographer

Fur Baby Monty - a puppy "newborn" session by Portsmouth photographer

Monty is a french bulldog. The cutest puppy I have ever seen. He belongs to lovely friend Jo – fabulous owner of Rare Moments Studio in Havant, specializing in woman’s portraiture. Monty will be going to studio with his “mum”! If you would like to have a look at Jo’s amazing studio, it’s here: www.raremomentsphotography.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/raremomentsphotography/ – facebook fanpage https://www.facebook.com/RMBoudoir/ Instagram: raremomentsphotography I was so surprised how similar this 9 weeks old pup was alike to my usual newborn babies I photograph. He came with his own props, full of energy and mischief. After 10 minutes he has fallen asleep with a loud snore! I have wrapped him very gently – just like a newborn baby and put into his mama’s arms. We started with my signature parent shoots, moving to props like an apple crate and bowl. Last stop was beanbag. Monty was relaxed and sleepy. Towards end of the session we had to wake up little one. He stretched his legs and started bouncing around again. Just like a crawling baby – he was escaping once we placed him on the set! I absolutely adore Monty. I think that in his mind he is a big dog! Very sweet personality and hopefully I will get some cuddles with him soon! and…Monty has his own Instagram profile! mrmonty_dog Here are my favorite images from this session:

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