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Guide - How to prepare for newborn session at Ania Photo

Congratulations and thank you for choosing me to document this special time in your life. Newborn sessions are as unique as each baby. I conduct each session based on most suited/flattering colours and styling. My aim is that you will have a relaxing and enjoyable experience, with high quality professional images to treasure, hang on your walls and enjoy for many years to come. This guide will walk you through the newborn session process, from wardrobe to what you will need on the day.


The best age to photograph newborns is3-14 days new. During this time they are very sleepy and naturally flexible from being in the womb,

enabling very comfortable “curly” posing.

The session isbaby-ledand takes up to 3 hours, allowing for feeds, changing

and soothing. The studio is set around 24C temperature for your baby’s comfort.

Please bear this in mind when choosing your own clothing. During the session your baby will mostly be in nappy or in a wrap/special handmade outfit. There is one pose at the end where baby is naked. Please do not worry about messy accidents. It happens in almost every session and I am always fully prepared for a quick cleanup.

I have many beautiful newborn props, accessories, backdrops, hats and wraps, some of which you might have seen in my portfolio. If you would like to incorporate something personal into the session like a teddy or blanket, just let me know, so that I can plan the best set up.


IMPORTANT: Please give your baby a nice warm bath in the morning before arriving. Please try scheduling feeding just before arriving or shortly after arriving to my studio. (I know it can be tricky, it would be great if possible, if not – please do not stress)

I want parents to stay as relaxed as possible – your baby can sense stress and it will affect the whole family. It is absolutely fine for your baby to fall asleep in the car. Just make sure you dress him/her in something that is easy to take off, something I will not have to pull over the head. A zip/popper one piece baby grow is ideal, but please cover baby with additional blankets if more layers are needed. I will take over then, so you can sit down on the sofa and watch, if you like, or just have a nap


Siblings are very welcome and those setups will be scheduled first. A three hour wait in a warm room would be a very long time for a young sibling and probably stressful for parents. Lovely large park can be found in center of Denmead (King Georges Field) complete with slides, sandpits and zip wire. For rainy days I can recommend the Horizon Centre in Waterlooville, which has an excellent indoor play area. Dad can always take siblings out whilst Mum and I continue the session with Baby. This system has been worked out over time and gives the best results.


A smart and neutral-coloured, well-fitted dress is great option. Teen sibling – plain white top and jeans work great. The simpler the better!

Brother(s): a well-fitted and ironed pair of jeans and simple neutral shirt/tshirt is preferred. I always photograph children and families withno shoes and no socks on.

Young children – For safety reasons, I will use the floor and lay siblings down with Baby and photograph them from the top, either with your newborn baby or I will use Photoshop magic to put the two together.

Mum and dad


Black/grey well fitted simple t-shirt- ironed with no logos or pattern, ideally new so it looks crisp, with no dry fibers. Trousers-whatever you find comfortable.


Please bring a black/grey/cream (neutral) plain ironed top with no pattern or writing .

Black lace looks beautiful on mums.

If you have Bump to Baby Bundle please make sure that you use the same top on all two/three sessions – well fitted vest is recommended.

Mum and dads images will be gently airbrushed. Please make sure that your nails are looked after and hair is freshly washed. Makeup – gentle makeup works best with no shiny eye shadow or too dark lipstick. Lipgloss or delicate lipstick is great.


I am open to idea of having your family dog during the session -they are part of the family! We schedule it carefully, so pet shots are taken first, dog leaves and then session continuous as normal. Please note that I never place baby and dog physically together – I always use my editing software to put them together.

Shortlist - what to bring

-black/grey/neutral t-shirt or shirt for dad -black/grey/cream (neutral) top for mum -clothes for siblings (details in siblings section) -food for your baby -dummy for baby (if using one) -snack for parents/siblings -optional: blanket/snuggly toy that you would like to be used during session


Last but most important parts: Please let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE when Baby arrives, so that we can schedule a convenient date for your session. (Please make sure that you arrive on time, as I might have other meetings on that day.)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate contacting me. I am very much looking forward meeting you and your Family! Lots of love Ania – Ania Photo

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