• Ania Krzymowska

Guide - how to prepare for your maternity photo session

Maternity sessions take place in my purpose build home studio in Denmead or at the location. It usually takes around 1h. It is entirely up to you if you would like to share your session with your partner or your older child (If you have any children), please let me know before, so I can prepare my studio accordingly.

Mummy to be: Professional makeup and hair. (optional) To make things run smoothly I recommend booking hair and makeup before your session and arriving to studio/location ready. I recommend booking at least professional makeup, you will feel wonderful and more confident. (I speak from my own experience) Please bring jeans trousers (they don’t have to fit around waist, we can tuck them slightly under your belly) and black simple tank top which will be used late for your newborn photo session (if you are having Bump to Baby Bundle). Wide straps top is better then thin straps.

IMPORTANT Please don’t forget those essentials – you need right colour underwear, otherwise it will show trough dresses: nude, white and black bra + bottoms (french knickers works best) fitted vest top (can be white/black – your choice) with wider straps-not spaghetti) Fresh hair, neutral manicure and pedicure Shoes – most shots I take with you bare feet, but if you have any fabulous shoes we can use them too. They need to be clean and packed. Avoid – self tan, as it can give not attractive orange look and patches. Strong makeup, translusent powder (reacts with flash – looking like patches on skin). Please avoid wearing socks before session, to avoid marks on skin.

Dad to be: Please choose plain classic clothes. it can be a simple one colour shirt or well fitted jumper (white/grey or blue). If you are not sure – just bring few options and I will be delighted to help when you get here. Shoes – dads to be can be photographed barefeet or in clean, packed shoes.

Older Siblings:

Depending on age- please try to prepare your child in a positive way to what will happen in studio. I tend to take just 2-3 images with siblings, so it is not too much for them. Small award also works well Children are photographed barefoot.


Simple plain dress, no tights works really well. Whites, light washed out colours works best, so focus is on your beautiful child.


Simple short sleeve shirt in light colours and jeans. Socks will be taken off just before session.

I have a selection of beautiful maternity gowns and dresses designated for my maternity sessions. You will be asked to fill questionnaire, where you will choose your dresses.

Maternity session is a wonderful experience, where we celebrate glowing beauty and new beginning, family. Images will be carefully edited to show you in best possible light. My style is simple and classic.

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