• Ania Krzymowska

Havant Cake Smash and splash

This Little Boy had lots of fun during session. It was actually his 1st birthday on the day and first time he had a taste of cake!

We have done something new during this session- 360 virtual reality video! I had my Christmas present early this year and tried my new gadget during session. You can view it via Youtube. swipe with your finger - if you are on the phone or use mouse on desktop. Orrrr... if you have VR set you can view it there.

I love my Oculus Quest 2 and when I was watching it via those googles I nearly leaned over the shelving unit (that wasn't there ) It is very immersive experience. It really made me smile when I saw the footage - how much jumping and entertaining Dad has done behind me! Well done Mum and Dad!

Please move your mouse or screen around - VR 360 video.

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