• Ania Krzymowska

How to prepare for family studio photo session - guide

Studio has very clean, polished look and it is important that clothing and accessories are carefully chosen.

Do not match but coordinate. All blue jeans and white T-shirts were great in the 90’s but we have moved on now and if you don’t want to look like a teenage boys band it might be a good idea to coordinate instead. What do I mean COORDINATE?


-daughter choose dress first white with some purple, blue and pink pattern/flowers.

-mum chooses similar tones dress

-son chooses different shade jeans and blue shirt

-dad chooses khaki trousers and different shade of blue shirt

Choosing few colours at different shades. Keeping harmony.

Choose colours of similar strengths. Softer colours rather then very saturated are photographing much better. The strongest colour will be bringing all the attention, we try to keep the balance in family photographs.


-well fitted clothes, layers


-accessories (not too much)

-fresh hair and neutral nails

-converse type of footwear

-clean, ironed clothes

-clean footwear

(I tend to photograph my Clients barefoot. If you prefer shoes on- that's OK, but shoeas need to be clean, brought separately, so we keep white set clean. If one person wears shoes, then everyone photographed has to wear shoes as well.

-classic and timeless


-neon colours


-large logos


-black as top/dress

-t-shirts with large image

-shiny eyeshadows

-very heavy makeup

-dark lipstick

For children - please bring a nom messy snack and drink, favourite toy.

For smaller babies I do have few super adorable outfits, but it is always good idea to bring a very basic white vest for classic, simple portraits.

Some of my favourite shops for clothes shopping: Zara, Next, H&M.

Good choice of clothing can make huge difference when it comes to studio photo session.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any doubts or would like more advice, I would be delighted to help. Ania

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