• Ania Krzymowska

Portsmouth newborn photographer, home studio, my cosy space babies in Denmead Hampshire

Warm Welcome to my purpose build home studio, my cozy little "nest".

When I first started newborn photography I used to photograph families and newborn babies in my sitting room. It is large space, but imagine having to rearrange furniture each time, getting all the props out (had them in gigantic bags with zips). Backdrop stands with backdrops had to be put together, not to mention frantic cleaning each time – having small child at the time was challenging to keep it all in order. My fiancée and our son had to leave the house for time of session, it was just really inconvenient. Space was hard to heat up with all open plan. After 3 years my fiancée suggested to convert the garage in our house. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep for two weeks! I was trying to imagine if there will be enough space, if it will be even doable in such tiny area. The work has started. I have thought about every single inch of that space – My fiancée has build me the storage – I planned it with all my props in mind, measured it carefully. I have parents sitting area, beanbag area, space with backdrops, my storage and viewing area when I present images after sessions. I even have a small storage in tiny loft we managed to create.

(360 VR video, please move mouse or your phone around)


Quick facts:

What is size of this space? 4m 90 cm x 2m 30cm What is your backdrop support? It is Manfrotto system, ideal if you work in small spaces. Where are you based? I am based in Denmead (near Waterlooville) near Portsmouth Hampshire, south of England.

Few of my sessions I have photographed here:

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