• Ania Krzymowska

Prom dress teenager photo session Portsmouth Chichester

Chichester is charming, full of hidden gems. I have decided to choose this location for an outdoor teenager prom dress session. Due to restrictions it looked like the prom will be off and young people will miss out on this milestone celebrations. I have other locations in mind if you are from Portsmouth area.

Mea’s aunt decided to book a photo session, so this special time can be remembered and Mea could have unforgettable experience.

We started photographing around cathedral, moving to gardens. On the way to gardens there were few more photo opportunities, not very obvious, but working really well as a backdrop.

Textures, colours, flowers, light - everything together created beautiful backdrop for this photo session. Mea is naturally stunning, my job was putting her at ease, excited about this experience and I think I have achieved this.

What I love about this place is: flowers, history and nature. I also wanted to show beautiful bond between Mea and her aunt and mum. All three ladies were delighted with final photographs, which makes me incredibly happy.

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