• Ania Krzymowska

West Witterings chilly morning photo session - photographing my mum

When I saw "arctic winds" in weather forecast description I thought - it can't be that bad. It was. It was FREEZING! My eyes were streaming with tears, hands cold to the bone. I decided to show my mum West Witterings - on the day like this! We were laughing at this as we arrived at empty beach at 8.00 in the morning. Sky was heavily overcast, which I normally don't mind as light is then beautifully soft. I LOVE West Witterings, but I have to confess, when we stepped to the beach I was not excited. Sand was very wet, bitter cold, tide was out, windy and grey weather. I was very tempted to go back in the car and go somewhere cozy for warm cup of tea. We braved out and I am glad we did in the end. Images have beautiful colour palette, have a moody feel. That's why I love seaside so much - light was always different, sea has million shades of blue. Sky can be washed out, completly blue or very dramatic with fluffy clouds. We had lots of giggles with my mum - despite being turned into human ice lollies.

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