• Ania Krzymowska

What is in my hospital bag?

I gave birth to my beautiful son Miles back in 2013 in Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth. I was submitted around 4pm, gave birth at 1.01am and went home at 10am – not a long stay, I would say, but I still needed few items with me.

I was working on my hospital bag list for some time (yes, I like to be organised and I like making lists!). Now that the reality has verified my list I can share my experience with you!

For mummy in labour:

Your birth plan and your little book with medical details-you should be issued by midwife prior to labour. 1.comfortable long top or oversize t-shirt or night gown, cotton, thin fabric works great 2. new, long dressing gown – thin and comfortable. I was walking on hospital corridors during contractions, very useful to have one. Not too thick, you will be quite warm. 3.slippers – useful when you need to use bathroom or just walk around 4.charged and ready camcorder, photography camera with a large fresh memory card. No stress of empty battery or full card needed in crutial moment. Some people prefer to film almost everything, some just few snaps after deliver. I went for full documentary as I am a very curious one and I don’t regret it! My favorite little video is when I had a first cuddle, Miles was weighed and measured, when I could hear him and daddy was talking to him. I have to admit – every time I watch it I just cry. 5.hair band and a lip balm. In case your hair will drive you mad, your lips will be really dry. 6.large bottle of water 7.few snacks – I went for granola bars. They have some energy and you don’t have a sugar spike like after chocolate bars 8.your mobile phone and charger. You don’t know how long you will be in hospital and the urge to speak to closest family and friends is huge! 9.change for carpark (if needed) and hospital shop, if you will be getting anything. I remember being in a que and having regular contractions – nothing like it. It was regular wave- coming and going.

After baby arrives:

1.depending on the weather/season – clothes: 5 vests, 5 all in one suit 2.bag of nappies 3.Couple of square muslin nappies (two should be enough), great when breastfeeding, for wiping burping etc 4.small blanket for your Little Treasure 5. Wet wipes (useful for mummy and baby)

For mummy exclusively:

1.to avoid dragging a massive suitcase with you choose mini versions-shower gel, shampoo, conditioner 2.deodorant, hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste, towel (all shower essentials) 3.change of clothes – loose and comfortable, including a feeding bra 4.special after birth sanitary towels (you can get them in most supermarkets) 5.appropiate car seat – some hospitals will not release you unless the car seat is present

When to pack the bag?

I have packed most of the items about a month before. My son was one week early, but I know some babies that arrived much much earlier then their due date. Remaining items – I just added on the day. I had a little list what else I need to add to my hospital bag. It is really good to be prepared, having a piece of mind, however I have seen all the must have items in a hospital shop. We didn’t know how long we are going to hospital for. We were very lucky to have the whole experience within 24 h. If for any reason you will be for longer – remember that you can always have someone to deliver necessary items to you from home or shops, it is not the end of the world! Wishing you smooth delivery

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