• Ania Krzymowska

Whiteley Solent Spa Hotel wedding photography. Natural, relaxed wedding.

This beautiful wedding ceremony took place in St Mary's Church Alverstoke.

Reception was held at Whiteley Solent Spa Hotel.

Helen and Jack have wonderful friends and family around them. Day was full of laughter and very touching moments.

Helen and Jack's preparations took place not far from each other, so I managed to photograph both.

Church is light and airy, it has beautiful symmetrical structure, which makes images pleasing in terms of composition.

Solent SPA was a perfect venue for wedding. I especially liked outdoors space with wild meadow. We took wedding portraits closer to sunset for the most beautiful lighting. It is also great opportunity for bride and groom to take a little breather, have a moment - just two of them (plus me of course :).

Speeches was a rollercoaster of emotions from happy to touching.

The day finished on the high with dancing.

From photographer's perspective I can add that Solent SPA Hotel is a brilliant venue for wedding. Decor and finishing touches were gorgeous, especially floral arrangements.

Outdoor area is everything I always want for photographs - no distractions, just beautiful organic nature.

I have photographed few weddings at this venue and if you are looking for a photographer I would be more then happy to have a chat with you. Please feel free to CONTACT ME.

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